I am currently available for private tutoring in Maidstone over the summer for Maths, Physics and Computer Science (Computing). Please contact tutor@ojmartin.co.uk

Before university I attended Maidstone Grammar School and studied 11 GCSE, and 4 A-Level, subjects. I primarily offer tutoring in GCSE Mathematics but am also happy to do Physics and Computing/Computer Science. My qualifications can also be found on this page.

My current rate is £20/hour for 1 subject, with an additional £5 per additional subject. For example, 1 hour of GCSE Maths tutoring would be £20. However; 1 hour of combined GCSE Maths and Physics tutoring would be £25 due to the additional work I need to do in the way of preparation. Below are some example costs:


Subject(s) Session Length Price
Mathematics 1 Hour £20
Mathematics & Physics 1 Hour £25
Computing 1.5 Hours £30
Computing & Maths 1.5 Hours £35
Computing & Physics 2 Hours £45
Computing, Physics & Maths 2 Hours £50